Serenada redux. You have to read this.

A Kinja user named Hercubot, who seems to have opened an account just too share posthumous knowledge of our beloved Serenada, just shared an extraordinary article with me. It is the most intimate picture of her life I have encountered yet, written by a man named John Moore who knew her in ways most of us didn't. Look… »1/23/15 11:12pm1/23/15 11:12pm


The issue of divinity and the supernatural in the Marvel Universe has always been pretty thorny. I mean, if you look at Mephisto in the old Silver Surfer comics, he pretty much is the frickin' Devil — makes deals with people for their souls, lives in a fiery netherworld where he is served by the damned, horns, red… »12/11/13 3:15pm12/11/13 3:15pm

Kevin Smith is a good example. It us so strange that these people can make legitimately great films and then just seemingly forget how. I suppose it may be that all they had were one or two really good ideas but, unlike Serling, they either can't identify when they need some help from outside or the help they bring in… »6/04/13 4:24am6/04/13 4:24am

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