It looks like it is trying to hard to be retro. It is forcefeeding you nostalgia and as a result it creates a sense of nausea. The idea is not a bad one. You could still do something like this but focus your influences in a way that creates a world that feels like it has integrity and is not merely a pastiche of… » 1/28/15 6:52pm Today 6:52pm

I really like Patricia Arquette, I do, but she is about as convincing to me as a computer expert as Adam Sandler would be. Maybe she has done her homework and really nails the feel of it (I will have watch an episode and see...I don't think I've seen the backdoor pilot) but while there are binders full of women who… » 1/27/15 10:22am Tuesday 10:22am

It actually does play like scifi horror in parts. The truth is I do find it interesting because Cronenberg and this particular subgenre is my jam but it is going to piss off everyone who wanted a fairly faithful adaptation of the FF. » 1/27/15 6:55am Yesterday 6:55am

Serenada redux. You have to read this.

A Kinja user named Hercubot, who seems to have opened an account just too share posthumous knowledge of our beloved Serenada, just shared an extraordinary article with me. It is the most intimate picture of her life I have encountered yet, written by a man named John Moore who knew her in ways most of us didn't. Look… » 1/23/15 11:12pm Friday 11:12pm