Yeah, this is the only reason I will venture over to the DailyMail is because of the photos. I'm always amazed because they seem to have much better photos than everyone else, to the degree that it almost appeared as if they had staff photographers out in the field taking them, which of course would be impossible in… » 3/04/15 7:08pm Yesterday 7:08pm

Yes! I knew it reminded me of some horror film. In fact a lot of them use this device. Being prevented from seeing the face in question, you are locked into a tense feeling of dread, anxiously anticipating the hideous reveal. » 3/04/15 3:33pm Yesterday 3:33pm

Here's something to keep in mind about William Gibson: he has been an avid reader of Fortean Times his whole life. If you have the chance, go back and read The Gernsback Continuum with that in mind. In many ways it is a love letter to the Fortean. » 3/03/15 10:23pm Tuesday 10:23pm

Carol is playing a game big time. That whole den mother thing is a BIG act. They way she was fumbling around putting her gun on the cart and her demure attitude in the interview were all just ploys to get the other people there to assume she is harmless. » 3/03/15 6:21pm Tuesday 6:21pm

I think those two things are not mutually exclusive. You can simultaneously make fun of something as being somewhat cheesy and still have a deep and abiding love of that thing. You can wink at your audience but still be very serious about what you are trying to do. » 3/02/15 7:00pm Monday 7:00pm